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Market Update & Analysis Special Edition June 24, 2021


1) The NASDAQ composite decisively broke through a triple top (Tops occurring 2/16/21,4/29/21, 6/24/21) today - a very positive development for the overall market.

2) The S&P 500 index broke through a double top (6/15/21, 6/24/21) today.

3) The long-term trend of the 10-year US Treasury Yield is up but its steepness has moderated. Its intermediate term trend is flattening, and its short-term trend is down.

4) The trend of the 10-2-year Yield curve is up, and its daily index fell too much, too fast. A reversal is likely.

5) The long-term trend of the US Dollar shows a bottoming pattern, while its intermediate trend is up.

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