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Review & Analysis at Close August 23, 2021



The S&P 500, and the European indices remain strategically Bullish, NASDAQ slightly trailing the S&P 500; China and Emerging Markets declines may be ending.

  • Equity Styles:  In a reversal, Large Cap Growth now leads Large Cap Value with Large Cap leading the Small, Mid Cap and equal weight indices.

  • Ranked Sectors:  Leaders - Health Care, Technology, Real Estate, Utilities.
    Laggards - Consumer Staples, Industrials, Consumer Discretionary, Energy.

Interest Rates

The Yields of the 30-year US Treasury Bond, and the 10-year Note, while in Long Term downtrends appear to be forming bottoms.

The Yield curve, while in a flattening trend, appears to be forming a bottom.


The Australian Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound, and the Yen, are all weakening vs. the US Dollar.

The US Dollar continues its Bullish trend and continues strengthening after making a double bottom.

Gold is choppy in a Bearish trend.

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