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Review & Analysis at Close October 11, 2021



The S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite indices strategically are late stage Bullish; Europe, Emerging Markets early stage Bearish; China remains Bearish.

  • Equity Styles:  Value gaining on Growth, however all pulled back during the week.

  • Ranked Sectors:  Leaders -Energy, Financial, Technology, Real Estate;
    Laggards - Health Care, Materials, Industrials, Utilities.


Yields of the 30-year US Treasury Bond and the 10-year Note continued rising, having broken upwards after three months of base building.

The Yield Curve continued steepening last week after breaking upwards following three months of base building.


The Australian Dollar strengthened a bit; the Euro weakened further, breaking its prior low of September '20; British Pound and Japanese Yen weakened further.

The US Dollar strengthened while in a long term uptrend.
Gold continues its long term downtrend.

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