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Review & Analysis at Close August 29, 2022


US Markets fell sharply as Fed Chairman Powell spoke last Friday morning at the Jackson Hole meeting and continued falling through the day.

All US markets resumed Bearish trends and have given back gains since
the June 16 low. This was the second Bear market rally since the market's peak in January.

For the week, all US Sectors fell with the exception of Energy rising
6%. China rose 2.6%

Fixed Income
The10 year US Treasury Yield closed at 3.110%, up from last week's 3.035%. The short-term trend is up.

The 2-Year US Treasury closed at 3.42% up from last week's 3.37%. The 2-yr
yield appears to be forming a Top.

The 10-2 year Yield curve remains inverted; its negative spread remained at

Currencies vs. US Dollar: The Euro, in a Bearish trend, closed at 1.00, and appears attempting to find a bottom.

The bullish US Dollar closed at 108.79 and appears attempting to be
forming a top.

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